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Book : The Medieval Tournaments - les tournois du Moyen Âge

LBook : The medieval tournaments   This is a bilingual book, French and English.
  It tells the story of the medieval tournaments from the eleventh
   to the fifteenth century.
  Preface : Olivier Renaudeau,
      Heritage curator and
  Head of Ancien Department at
  the Musée de l'Armée of Paris.
  Texts and photos : Jacques Maréchal
  Collection : History in photographs
  Size : 20 cm (8 inch) x 29 cm ( 12 inch)
  Number of pages : 112
  Number of photos : 169
  ISBN : 2-9600438-4-7
  Public price : 30 euros
  Shipping and Handling Charges :
  5 euros for Germany, France and Belgium
  10 euros for Europe and North America
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Hereunder, you can see the contents and three pages of the book :
Book : The medieval tournaments Book : The medieval tournaments
Book : The medieval tournaments Book : The medieval tournamentse
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