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The photographic agency

Pixures is a photographic agency specialised in historical reenactments and more specifically those about the Roman period
    and the Middle Ages.
Our image bank contains more than 300 000 photographs, including 120 000 relating to the Middle Ages (castles, archeosites,
    reenactments...) and more than 90 000 photos that illustrate the Roman world (monuments, reenactments and archeosites... ).
The personal contacts that our founder, Jacques Maréchal, keeps with the better reenactment societies in Austria, Belgium, France,
    Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland ... allow us to produce exclusive photographs.
Our photos appear regularly in newspapers, magazines, books in countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany,
    Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Portugal, their United States...
Many event promoters use our photos to illustrate their posters and press kits.

The books' publisher

In 2015, we published :
- The Medieval Tournaments : bilingual book (French-English) with texts and photographs by Jacques Maréchal.
In 2005, we published :
- "Barbiers, chirurgiens et médecins - L'art de soigner et réparer le corps au Moyen Age" with texts by Pascal Gaulain. Out of print.
- "Scribes et enlumineurs - L'art de réaliser un livre du Moyen Age"> with texts by Florent Veniel.
In 2004, Pixures presented its first two works during the Bologna Book Fair:
- "Les châteaux au Moyen Age" with texts by Pascal Gaulain and Jacques Maréchal,
- "La guerre au Moyen Age" with texts by Jacques Maréchal.
All these books are illustrated with photographs by Jacques Maréchal.

Photography exhibitions

We can prepare an exhibition on the subject of your choice.
Photographic agency • Books publisher
Clos des Pinsons, 23 • 1342 Limelette • Belgium
Tel. : + 32 (0)10 40 10 55 • Mail : pixweb@pixures.be